Martine Saintil-Pierre


Martine Saintil-Pierre grew up in a family where her father worked as a local municipality commissioner and her mother as a local businesswoman in gross product developments. As she grew older, she had a hunch that one day she’ll probably work into mother mother’s footsteps, but she didn’t know how soon that would be. Sometimes, wishes never come into perspectives like we always thought, but through deep decisions and determinations we just dive ourselves deeply into life with an open mind. Thus, she found herself in the medical profession which gave her a better understanding of humanity as a whole.

She never stopped thinking on how to appease customer’s frustrations as it happened to herself. One day, she decided to came up with a solution by opening an online store. From that concept she cofounded “Shopulter”.
Q. What’s exactly SHOPULTER?
A. “Ulter” from Latin, means “That is Beyond”.
Martine, is committed to Customer Satisfaction as first priority.
As we’re lunching together your website my aspiration is for you to lead us through by sending us your feedbacks, comments and suggestions and we’re guaranteed that you will be hearing from us.

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Martine Saintil-Pierre